Top 3 High Quality Felt Bags

Standard liquid felt bags are better for filtering due to the better flow rate and thicker filter fabric, and the glazed outer layer and plain inner layer are designed to prevent fiber migration, which keeps the filter from becoming clogged.

Felt liquid filter bags have collars and top rings that work with most commercial bag filter housings, thereby ensuring ease of processing.

Our synthetic-fiber filter bags are made of polypropylene and polyester (only 100% synthetic fibers). The liquid filter bags are made from polypropylene, polyester, or Nomex and can be connected via sewing or welding depending on the application and housing requirements. The best solution is economical filter media with the correct use of fiber diameters, weights, and thicknesses.

Felt filter bags can be used to extend media life without having to bypass or swap media. The polypropylene bags are glazed, while the polyester bags are signed to improve fiber migration. Felt filter bags can trap even more dirt than other types of filters and a broad range of chemicals. Their low cost makes them ideal for filtering fluids as they can remove both solid and gelatinous particles. The versatile, customizable liquid filter bags are accepted in many industrial applications.

Needle Felt Filter Bag Profile

Filter bags are disposable, making them the cheapest disposable bag filter material.

This filter uses hot-melt technology to create an effective filter that can’t be bypassed and includes no fibers being present on the filter surface.

The use of needle-felt filter bags is most appropriate for lower and middle viscosity liquids. They provide users with micron ratings of various levels and provide choices for construction material (polypropylene and polyester).


  • Does away with fiber migration
  • Works for thin and viscous liquids at high flow
  • The hot melt technique prevents bypass by way of a seamless hot-welding process
  • Polypropylene is the standard for polymeric rings

PTFE Felt Filter Bag

To prevent any sort of contamination through the filter bag, use high-quality materials in the construction of PTFE felt bags. You will receive total bypass-free filtration via triple-stitched seams with the many snap ring alternatives.

  • White PTFE liquid bags with single-layer construction
  • For increased strength, all threads are quadruple stitched and PTFE
  • The PTFE Media products comply with the CFR21, Section 177.1520 food contact requirements as regulated by the FDA
  • A retention grade of 90% is promised for everything from 1µm to 200µm with a range of 90% retention.
  • Custom sizes or common
  • Optional Stainless Steel, Titanium, or Solid PTFE Rings
  • No silicone
  • Extensive chemical diversity with high-temperature resistance.

POMF – High-Efficiency Filter Bag

Fine particles are trapped at high efficiency using polypropylene melt-blown microfibers in the construction of the POMF liquid filter bag. At their indicated micron grade, POMF filter bags are almost 95 percent effective. The bag design of this filter makes it easy to use, convenient, and very efficient.

High-Efficiency Bag Materials

  • The needle perforated felt layer on top of the sheet offers more longevity and serves as a preliminary filter.
  • Materials to construct bags that work well in environments where minerals wear down quickly
  • With this multilayer technology, a high-performance, real graded density material results.
  • Microfiber materials are highly efficient at micron levels that are at the lower end of the spectrum.

Innovative Bag Designs

  • Sewn seams are included in the specifications.
  • Standard ring bags feature a galvanized steel ring sewed into the top of the bag. A stainless steel ring is also an option.
  • The flange is a fancy stitched band that extends from the top of the bag.