9 great subject line ideas to increase the open rate for your technology emails

When it comes to email campaigns, your subject lines matter a lot. If you have spammy or boring subject lines, then your emails will not perform well. In an industry like technology, it’s easy to get into technical terms and make the line too complex. You need to avoid doing this and keep things simple and fun to read.

After all, the point of an email is to have your audience open it up and see what you want to tell them. If your subject lines are not appealing enough, then your emails will be left unread. Here’s how you can optimize your subject lines and  increase your email open rate

Start with a good base

The first thing you should keep in mind is that your subject line opens up to an email that is worth it. If people open your emails and don’t like what they see, they’re less likely to open future emails. So, make sure all your emails are appealing and easy to navigate. Use the technology email templates on PosterMyWall to set up your designs in the best way possible. So, this will set the tone for your email campaigns. If your emails look good and have interesting content, then your audience will open up most of your emails.

Keep it short

Make sure your subject lines are under 50 characters long. Otherwise, people will lose interest even before considering opening your email. Keep your message short and snappy. Get your point across immediately, but don’t give everything away. A few fun words should do the trick. Do not use complex words, and keep things simple. A subject line of around 30 to 40 characters (including spaces) should work well.

Use subject line score tools

Of course, you might need some help to figure out if your subject lines meet the mark. There are a number of subject line score tools out there online. Just enter your ideas into them, and see how they are rated. These tools will often make suggestions to help you improve your subject lines. Take these suggestions, and take your subject line scores as high as possible.

Create a sense of urgency

This is one of the most important aspects of your subject lines. You need to entice your readers into opening your emails. So, you need to evoke their sense of FOMO when they see your email in their inboxes. Add words which show how they can avail deals for limited times or grab your offers now. Such language will tempt them to open your emails and see what they can get.

Add action words

Another great tip for your subject lines is to add action words. Prompt your audience to take an action like open your email or avail your deals or try out your products. Make sure these words evoke a sense of urgency and make people want to open your emails. If you don’t urge your audience to take any action in your subject lines, they won’t really feel like your email has anything for them.

Cater to audience interests

Make sure you do your research into what your audience wants. Look into audience interests and see how they match up with your technology niche. For example, if you sell TVs, then take a look at what your audience is watching these days. Your subject lines will include language to gauge people’s interest. This way, they’ll be intrigued and open up your emails.

Fuel recipient curiosity

Appeal to human nature and evoke their sense of curiosity. Give little teasers of what your email has in offer. Also give a hint of any deals and discounts you may be talking about. If you have new tech products coming up, you can also hype up their release in your email subject lines. When people want to know more, they will open up the emails, and go through them. This will greatly increase your open rates and improve audience engagement.

Add in numbers

Another great tip to improve your subject lines is to add in numbers and percentages. These have been proven to improve your subject line scores. This is because they add value to your subject lines and make them look well-researched. So, when you write your subject lines, write something like ‘7 best tech gifts for Christmas’.

Conduct A/B testing

Whenever you choose subject lines, do not just pick one. Take a couple of options, and run them through A/B testing. See which option performs the best among a select audience, then run that subject line throughout that email campaign. This will help you get the highest open rates possible.

In conclusion, there are a number of ways to improve your subject lines and increase your open rates. These are quite simple and easy to incorporate, so it is important your follow them.