5 Best Flavored Smok Coils For Bigger Clouds

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Big clouds. Big flavor. You want both, but your coil options seem limited as most coils tend to offer one or the other. You are left to choose between them, leaving you unsatisfied with your vape experience. The good news is that there are various Smok coils specifically made to achieve both the results. With Smok coils, you can get all that you wish for in a vape, thus ensuring satisfaction and enjoyment during the entire experience.

The fun experience of vaping is what attracts people to it. A 2019 National Youth Tobacco Survey reported that over five million youth were vaping. In a recent Gallup poll conducted in July 2021, six percent of United States adults report vaping (e-cigarettes) during the past week.

When it comes to vaping, your coil determines how much vapor and flavor you get. Ideally, you’d want a coil with quick heating capabilities so that you can enjoy the full flavor of your e-juice. Moreover, you’ll also need a coil with high resistance for bigger clouds.

How do you know which coil is best for you? Here is a list of the five best Smok coils that offer both tasty flavor and massive clouds.

  1. Smok Nord 4 RPM2 

Made for the Smok Nord 4, this mesh RPM 2 Sub-Ohm coil is among the best Smok coils for flavor and vapor clouds. It provides maximum vapor for big clouds and intense flavor. Moreover, you can compensate for the low resistance by setting the vape to 40W. Doing this will produce enormous clouds, helping you enjoy vaping. Besides, the combination of great clouds and flavorful e-juice gives you the most satisfying vape experience. The coil can last up to a week, depending on how often you vape with it. You can get the best vape flavors from kure.

  1. Smok TFV8 Baby Beast

An offspring of the Smok Alien 220W mod, the Smok Rigel Kit was redesigned and named “Baby Beast.” Although the vape is different, the tank is the same TFV8. A wide range of “Baby Beast” coils delivers efficient performance that prolongs the life of your vape juice. 

The favorite out of the collection? 

The 0.4 Ohm TFV Q2 is a dual-core coil, which is the perfect coil for flavor. You can set your vape to anything between 55 and 65 watts for a direct lung hit with a restriction of mild level. In addition, the “Baby Beast” offers smooth vapor when you inhale. The elongated wicking ports provide big clouds that will get you noticed.

  1. Smok Nord Replacement Coils

There are two high-quality coils with the Smok Nord, the 0.6 Ohm mesh coil and the 1.4 Ohm coil. These two coils are well-known for their versatility and compatibility with other Smok kits, such as the Smok Fetch, Smok RPM80, SMOK RPM40, and many more. For maximum taste, you can use nic salts, 50VG/50PG vape juices, or high VG e-liquids. In addition, you can set the coil resistance to any setting for obtaining a significant cloud density as per your satisfaction.

  1. Smok TFV Mini V2

This Sub-Ohm coil is a favorite among flavor and cloud seekers. It comes in single or dual mesh and low resistance levels, including A2-0.2 Ohm, S1-0.15 Ohm, and A1-0.17 Ohm. It’s recommended that you set your vape between 90-140W, 85-105W, and 40-80W for an enhanced vape experience. Besides, if you’re looking for giant clouds with the A2 or great flavor with the S1 or A1 coils, Smok gives you the choices you want.

  1. Smok TFV4 Replacement Coil TF-Q4 Quad Coil

This Quad coil is excellent for a consistent vapor and flavor while ensuring optimal performance. The product is available in a pack of five for long-lasting vaping, so you won’t get dry hits with this coil. In addition, it has two seals that prevent the e-juice from spilling, preventing a burnt taste and ensuring only the flavorful e-juice taste will come through.

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Types of Coils

As you can see, there’s a complete science to vaping. The coil may be the most critical part of your kit, as it affects flavor and cloud density. Prior knowledge of the best Smok coils for intense flavor and vapor and a basic understanding of the types of coils is a great way to determine the right coil for you. Below is a list of coil types that’ll put more information under your belt and help you make an informed decision.

  • Vertical Coils: This coil is suitable for atomizers with bottom air feed holes. It’s wrapped in cotton, hemp fiber, or rayon and placed over the air holes, giving you a strong hit for improved vaping satisfaction.
  • Dual Coils: Excellent for big vapor, dual coils warm up the e-juice quickly and efficiently. Because of this, the flavor of the e-juice is preserved.
  • Triple Coils: Being a sub-ohm coil, it has a larger area, which allows for bigger clouds. Moreover, the warming up time is quick with such coils, so you can get more vapor within a shorter period.
  • Multiple Coils: Vape devices with multiple coils produce a faster warming effect, resulting in thick vape clouds.
  • Twisted Coils: These coils warm up quickly and have a greater surface area than most coils, giving you a delicious flavor.
  • Mesh Coils: Mesh coils provide one of the best flavors you can get from coils. They’re available in sub-ohm and high resistance types and have a large area for big cloud power.
  • Net Coils: Net coils are similar to mesh coils but with larger openings. Also, they offer a large surface area for producing considerable vapor.

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Vaping is an experience that should leave you satisfied, so always choose the suitable coil for the desired effect. If you want big clouds and taste, the choices are endless.