Why You Should Do a Pre-Sale Property Inspection

Buyers often have property inspections performed, but did you know that sellers also do inspections of their property? The best real estate agent will tell you; this is to get a clear picture of what the issues are with the property and work towards a more successful sale. 

If you’re unsure of the value of a property inspection for a seller, here are the benefits:

More Buyers Will Be Interested

The reason most sellers inspect their property is to give assurance to the buyer. It gives a buyer a statement on the condition of your property, and they can be confident that there are no pest issues, building issues, or hazards. They can proceed with the sale itself knowing there won’t be any unwanted surprises, and this can make the process move along faster. Which means you get a sale sooner.

Understand Property Condition

The seller should know what the condition of their property is. These checks can allow the seller to understand any pressing issues and rectify them or back up your claim on the property’s condition with paperwork during price negotiations. The buyer can also use this to determine the value of the property in an accurate manner. 

Foresee Future Costs

Another thing you can do is to predict future costs, especially if you want to sell for a higher price. By doing this, you should be able to fix any issues you can, be confident in your asking price, and back it up with paperwork. This means your home sells for more and you get a return on your investments, guaranteed. 

Set Your Expectations

If you want a certain asking price, a property inspection will tell you if it’s attainable or not. This will help you set your expectations accurately and expedite the process of negotiating a house price. By doing this, you’re more likely to be happy with the sale price, and more importantly, you won’t feel cheated or regret the sale.

Better Peace of Mind

When you have a property inspection done on your property, you can have peace of mind that a buyer will not find an issue you don’t know about down the track. This is a common reason that home sale negotiations break down, so if you want to be aware of your home’s condition and its readiness for sale, a property inspection is a great choice. 

You’re Not Alone!

It can feel daunting to undergo the sales process alone, but you’re not alone. Contact Established Property and get some much-needed guidance on why a property inspection is a good idea, whether you’re a buyer or a seller!