Why can’t I comment on YouTube? A Guide to Silence Inside the Comments Section

Have you ever eagerly typed out a witty comment on a YouTube video, only to hit input and be met with… nothing? Don’t worry; you are not alone. The lack of ability to touch YouTube is a fairly common frustration. Fear not, fellow frustrated commenter, for this text will illuminate the various reasons why your voice may be silenced and provide solutions to regain your commenting power.

The video owner holds the keys:

  1. Comments Disabled: The uploader might have sincerely selected to disable remarks altogether. This is regularly carried out for movies with touchy content, such as those concerning arguable topics or minors.
  2. Blocked Account: If the video proprietor has blocked your precise account, you may not be capable of touching upon their motion pictures, even if remarks are enabled for others. This should occur if you’ve previously left beside the point or offensive comments on their channel.

YouTube Itself Might Be the Gatekeeper:

  • Remarks can be disabled on certain motion pictures when using YouTube’s Restricted Mode, which filters out potentially inappropriate content. Many people frequently use this mode for children or in public settings.
  • Community Guidelines Violation: If your account has violated YouTube’s Community Guidelines, you could have brief or everlasting restrictions on your commenting privileges. These violations can range from spam to hate speech.
  • Technical Issues: Sometimes, technical system defects on YouTube’s stop can prevent you from commenting. Try refreshing the web page, restarting your tool, or signing out and back into peer if the issue resolves.

Why Can’t I Leave Comments on YouTube Videos?

You want a YouTube channel that allows you to leave feedback on videos there.

To go away from remarks on YouTube movies, it’d be best if you had a YouTube channel. It would not matter whether you’re making any use of the channel.

However, you should leave remarks on different public YouTube movies. However, YouTube claims that leaving remarks on films creates an automated channel that you could alter in the profile area at a later time.

For the most part, this problem is the reason why people are unable to comment. To resolve your problem, it would be perfect if you took care of this first.

On YouTube, creators have blocked comments.

The writer picks whether or not to reply to remarks from viewers. The owner of a video on YouTube has the option to allow or disable feedback for that specific video. YouTube producers often use this function to filter remarks.

This is a beneficial feature when a video talks about an arguable problem. There are actual consumer battles within the feedback. To stop arguments and hate speech, the platform blocks remarks at times.

Check out the commentary on YouTube. It will say, “Comments have grown to become off.” For that specific video, you’re unable to leave a comment.
YouTube’s restricted mode is now lively.

YouTube now offers a restricted mode. You can locate it in the settings. With this selection, parents might also set up regulated surroundings. This feature removes any person or fallacious material.

Comments are disabled even in confined mode. Verify if the confined mode is on. You can flip it off inside the settings if it’s on. Lastly, you respond to motion pictures on YouTube.

Blocked due to junk mail or adverse remarks on YouTube motion pictures.

One of the motives may be that you are unable to comment. YouTube takes spam and offensive feedback very seriously. On YouTube, there is a significant community. Every day, users submit millions of remarks. YouTube uses algorithms to clear out spam and nasty feedback.

Let’s say you sent unsolicited messages or made offensive comments. Your capacity to comment probably has a time limit. This may occur if a massive number of humans file your remark.

Cookies for your browser, which are now not valid.

We regularly use a variety of devices to log in. It might be that your cookie has expired. Logging out might take time at times. Re-logging in is all that is important.

Problems with cookies expiring are an alternative commonplace. Relog in after logging out. Try once more by adding commentary to the YouTube video.

You may completely clean the cache for your browser. Try posting a video comment after that.

Your entry has been banned using the YouTube channel.

YouTube manufacturers have the option to prohibit certain users or channels. Even after being constrained, viewers may still get access to their playlists and channels. Put simply, it stops you from commenting on any videos on that channel.

If you’re blocked by using a writer, there is only a lot you can do. Send the creator an email to get it unlocked. Once you are unblocked, you may leave remarks on their motion pictures.

Make feedback on films using a VPN.

If YouTube is the problem, your options are limited. When you’re at a loss for what the problem may be, do not forget to use a VPN.

Set up a VPN account from any other state. In this manner, your issue will most likely be constant on occasion. On uncommon activities, however, it might work for your gain.

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Your Browser Might Be the Culprit:

Cookies: Corrupted cookies in your browser can sometimes interfere with YouTube capabilities. Clearing your browser cache and cookies is probably the best way to restore.
Extensions: Certain browser extensions can conflict with YouTube, inflicting commenting issues. Try disabling any extensions you have established and notice if the issue persists.

What should you do in case you are unable to go away with a YouTube comment?

There’s most likely a motive why you’re not able to remove any remarks on YouTube. To give oneself the greatest possibility of solving the problem, you have to make the same movements regardless of the source.

Try these steps if you are not able to leave a comment on YouTube:

Modify a Comment

The first component you need to do if you are not able to touch a video is edit your comment. Attempt to arrange some words or sentences. You want to remember to take down any hyperlinks that can be protected in your comments as well.

YouTube automatically blocks comments. As a security precaution, marking comments as junk mail occasionally can help prevent spam filters from being too sensitive. Editing remarks that have been mistakenly reported can also help prevent spam filters from being too touchy.

Upgrade the browser on your device.

YouTube masses are speedy. Therefore, by the point you get an opportunity to reply, a comment may have already been eliminated. Refresh your browser to look at the web page again if you have trouble leaving a comment.

Take a snooze

Sometimes we talk too much. YouTube automatically prints out our bills while this happens. Comments cannot be published until the time-out period has ended. In light of this, attending could be prudent if your remarks do not appear.

For the primary twenty-four hours, refrain from commenting on any movies. Next, regularly upload sparkling feedback. Consider looking forward to a similarly long 48 hours or extra if, even after that point, you are still unable to post any comments.

Reset the router in your community.

All internet routers include an IP address preinstalled. On every occasion, YouTube may additionally mistake an IP address for a spam address. The accounts associated with the address will be restricted and flagged when this happens.

Resetting your net router may be worth thinking about periodically, even though it does not take place very frequently. As a result, you may get a brand new IP address. Any issues with the brand-new IP on YouTube can be fixed because it is unlikely to be reported.

Bonus Tips:

  • Double-check your account: Make certain you’re signed into the right Google account and that your commenting privileges have not been restricted.
  • Report the issue: If you suspect a technical hassle, file it on YouTube using their Help Center.
  • Respectful verbal exchange: Remember, even in case you cannot touch upon a specific video, you can usually find different ways to interact with the content material creator and community, like liking, sharing, or looking at different films on their channel.

By learning these capacity reasons and trying out the suggested solutions, you could, with any luck, destroy the silence and get your voice back in the YouTube feedback phase. Remember, commenting responsibly and respectfully is fundamental to a vibrant and attractive online network. So, hold those witty comments coming; however, keep in mind to do so within YouTube’s suggestions and the writer’s desires. Happy commenting!

Can you get banned from YouTube comments?

Indeed. Prohibiting YouTube remarks is possible.

Thoughtful feedback is continually appreciated by anyone, such as on YouTube. Following YouTube’s guidelines for leaving comments will ensure a smooth experience. If you publish offensive or spammy comments, you run the risk of being barred from YouTube and the author of the material.


Now you realize why it is occasionally not acceptable to leave feedback on YouTube. As frustrating as this trouble is, there are answers. Often, altering your comment, reopening your browser, or getting ready can fix the problem.