Want to End your Sugar Cravings? Eat these Foods

Delicacies and desserts are difficult to avoid. Cravings for sugar and sugary products is persistent and is difficult to avoid. The breathtaking pastries, creamy icings and chocolates are always on our list as they give us the sugary kick. Most of us try to avoid sugar but this is most of the time for a short period of time and we end up eating more than required.

Most of us consider sugar craving as general behaviour, but the truth is that sugar cravings are also addictive and is not easy to get rid off. This brings will it other issues such as obesity, imbalancing the blood sugar level and also becomes the reason for diabetes. Besides the health issues, sugar make us inactive and dizzy through the day. Therefore, in wake of the major implications that sugar has on us, there is need to control the sweet pangs and shift to other alternatives.   

Secret To Fight Sugar Cravings

Stay Away From Processed Food

According to researchers, sugar and processed food  are highly addictive similar to cocaine or any other drug. When we eat sugar, our brain releases a pleasure neurotransmitter called dopamine as sugar artificially stimulates the area of the brain called nucleus accumbens. Therefore, sugary and processed food must be strictly avoided as this will bring down the dopamine levels. 

Drinking A Plenty Water

Drinking loads of water throughout the day is another measure that can be taken to control sweet cravings. With adequate consumption of water, food cravings gets significantly satiated and at the same time, sweet hunger pangs are also controlled. Drinking experience can be enhanced by adding lime and salt. 

Follow Diet and Stick to That

Unnecessary sugar intake will lead to increase in blood sugar level causing diabetes. Therefore one has to follow a proper diet plan besides sticking to the same for long. Skipping beige eating and eating in small portions and intervals is the best way to develop a dedicated approach to controlling hunger. Also, including a variety of food into the diet rather than just following one single routine is also not recommended. 

What to Eat to Fight Cravings

In order to control your sugar cravings, below are some foods that will help natural overcome the addiction.

Eat Fruits

Fruits are also called natural sweeteners that can takeover the urge to have something sweet. To overcome the feeling of sweets, fruits are the best alternatives. Avoid junk and high fat sugary savouries with fruits will stop the your cravings and in a way eating fruits will enrich your body. 

Berrier the best anti-oxidants

Though berries are quite tart but these are high in polyphenols. Moreover, they are best antioxidants that can help overcome sweet cravings. Berries like blueberries or goji berries among others can be used to control high fat chocolate cravings. This will significantly reduce the sweet intake. 

Replace Chocolates with Dark Chocolates

We all love to have chocolates but these are the biggest reason for accumulation of calories. When we have the urge to have something sweet, chocolate is the first thing that comes to our mind. This is where dark chocolate can fill the void rather than completely avoiding the chocolates. Dark chocolates are natural sweeteners and are also healthy for our wellbeing. But, still as chocolate has 70% cocoa the same has to be taken in limit. 

Sugar Free Gums and Sweets

With increasing instance of diabetes and other issues, a lot of products that are sugar free and yet taste sweet are available in the market. Shifting the intake to sugar free alternatives is another way to get over with sugar cravings. Studies has also suggested that have sugar free gums helps control hunger pangs and sugar craving and moreover the stomach feels fuller. It control the need of eating in intervals. 

Flavoured Yogurts

Flavoured yogurts such as mango and blackcurrant are the best alternatives to icecreams. These flavoured yogurts taste exactly like icecreams and are not fattening. Curd is considered to be healthy and if sugar intake is replaced with flavoured yogurt there won’t be any other better alternative than this. Make sure that the yogurt you buy or make at home must be fresh and there should not be any preservatives.