Condiment Zingiber Officinale Is the Best Medicine

Ginger also called Zingiber Officinale is being used since centuries as the most common dietary condiment in the world. It is widely used as a fragrant agent and for flavoring of foods, drinks and soaps. Apart from this, ginger is also highly used in making cosmetics due to its medicinal and healing properties. In creams, soaps ginger with turmeric has found greater acceptance. No wonder, ginger has so many health benefits that cannot be overlooked.

Understand the Root Ginger 

Ginger belongs to the family Zingiberaceae that is a flowering plant which is also associated with turmeric. It originated in the Indian subcontinent and was exported to Europe. Belonging to Rhizome, ginger grows as an underground stems and grows upwards with root downwards. Fresh leaves and stems grows on the plan with buds forming at the end of the stem intervals.

Major Benefits of Ginger 

Ginger is available in the market either in the form of fresh root, or capsule. Also, ginger oil is available that can be bought online as well as in markets. The consumption of these various forms of ginger has various benefits to the body. The benefits have been enlisted below. 

Get rid of Nausea

Of the various nutritional benefits of ginger, one of the common health benefits which is mostly known to many is its ability to treat nausea. It is the most common remedy for morning sickness. A research study over pregnant women showed that consumption of ginger has reduced the incidence of nausea in pregnant women without any negative impact on the health of the offspring. 

Cures Stomach Ulcers

Ulcers in abdomen is one of the most stressful condition as these sores are very painful. The soar protube in the inside lining of the abdomen and thus causes acidity and pain.  Though medication are required to treat ulcers, but consumption of ginger has also proved to be beneficial remedy for ulcers. As ulcers cause symptoms such as fatigues, indigestion and discomfort the healing effect of ginger helps in relieving the distress. 

Fight Infections

Infection such as sore throat and flu are common when we are constantly moving and travelling in groups and also at home. Therefore as conventional methods go, ginger is the best suitable cure for fighting infections, Ginger has antioxidants which makes the immune system stronger. Therefore, it reduces the chance of any possible infection. Also in case the infection has caught your body, then also ginger capsules can be taken as medicine to cure the same.

Easing Menstrual Pain and Cramps

Throughout menstruation, women are subject to adverse pains like lower abdomen discomfort, cramps, headache. Researcher have found that while menstruation ginger can be taken with warm water to help relieve the pain. Just like painkillers ibuprofen and others ginger act as a painkiller and helps overcome the discomfort without the need of any medications. 

Relieves Joint Pain and Muscle Pain

Usage of ginger in the form of oil has also show positive results on people suffering with joint pains. Ginger oil is a better supplement if you find consuming ginger difficult. The oil of the roots can be applied on the affected area and results will be forthcoming. Moderate to immediate effects can be seen as ginger has good anti-inflammatory properties. If you are suffering from arthritis usage of ginger is advisable.

Regulates Blood Sugar Level

Ginger is found to be the best home condiment for regulating blood sugar levels thus eliminating the risk of diabetes. By having ginger early morning on empty stomach has greatly helped in improving blood circulation and also regulated the sugar level. 

Boost Digestion 

Intake of ginger in our daily diet will be highly beneficial as ginger has properties that aid in boosting the digestion level of the stomach. If you are constipated and always have difficulty in motions, then following the diet that has adequate amount of ginger will solve the problem. A good stomach means a healthy body Getting rid of excess clutter from the body i s essential for the proper function of the body. Therefore, ginger can be included in moderate amounts. 

Final Thought

Intake of ginger in moderation has huge benefits, but in case a person is facing food allergies after consumption, then its intake has to be stopped immediately. Moreover, application of ginger oil over the skin can also cause skin infections and allergies. If any such incident occurs, the oil should not be used anymore and the same can be used for cooking.