Revenue of Reliance Retail Touches New Heights

India’s largest retail company Reliance Retail is continuously growing and setting new records in the market. As per Business Today’s report, the company’s net profit jumped by 30 per cent to Rs. 9,181 crores in the financial year 2022-23. While the total gross revenue surpassed Rs. 2.6 lakh crore, due in part to the pandemic’s impact on footfalls at its expanded store network. The operating profit of Reliance Retail increased by 33% to Rs. 4,914 crore in the reporting quarter.

How Can You Benefit From Reliance Retail?

Currently, Reliance Retail operates multiple brands across the globe, including some giants like Jio Mart, Hamleys, and Reliance Trends, as Reliance Retail is leading the entire retail industry and building multiple brands simultaneously. Being an investor, you can buy Reliance Retail unlisted shares to earn a great ROI. Here is why investing in Reliance Retail is a profitable deal for you – 

Great Financials

The only retail company to appear in the Top 100 retailers worldwide is Reliance Retail, and it was ranked 53 positions on the list of top retailers. Furthermore, the company claims to be the fastest-growing retail company in the world. Undoubtedly, the retail giant has its arms in almost all market segments. It is also a consumer-facing company with more than 150 million loyal and trustworthy customers. In the fourth quarter of FY23, the company’s net profit increased by 12.9% to Rs. 2415 crore. The fantastic financial stats make it an ideal share to invest in and earn multibagger returns.

Rapid Growth

The global presence of Reliance is now taking over all the market sectors and continuously succeeding in all segments. Currently, this is the only company in the retail market that can beat Reliance Retail. The Indian company presently owns a one-fifth market share in the retail sector. Moreover, it is expected to scale by a 15-18% compound annual growth rate by 2025. The number of brands owned and acquired by Reliance Retail also continuously increases, signifying the company’s expansion. With the increasing number of offline stores across the globe, Reliance Retail has become the largest retailer with a bright future in the retail market.

Gearing Up For An IPO

According to expert analysts Reliance Retail and Jio, either of them or both of them may be listed in the upcoming years. However, the exact date of the IPO has not been revealed yet, but it is expected to be announced soon. Also, there is a high chance that other subsidiaries of the company with great financials may be listed in the market. Investing in a growing company like Reliance Retail which has taken over the whole retail industry, can offer you great returns.

Net Sales115189144517.4136910.7170133.324.313.9
Total Income115321144788.9137206.8170155.12413.8
Net Profit3254.45614.445994937.67.414.9
Shareholder Funds12657.91827125464.63041219.433.9
Total Assets35187.836313.250680.588730.975.136.1

With each passing day, the Indian retail company is hitting new milestones in profit and revenue. As per the report of the Economic Times, Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director, Reliance Industries Limited, said, “Retail business registered excellent growth numbers backed by expansion of physical and digital footprint and a significant increase in footfall.”

We continue to expand our product base across consumption baskets, ensuring our customers get world-class products at affordable prices. Our retail team has an unwavering focus on enhancing consumer experience and ease of shopping,” he added.

Functioning in almost all market segments, the Indian company plans to launch a few more brands like ‘Campa’ an iconic beverage drink, and ‘Tira’ a cosmetic marketplace. The exponential growth of the leading retail company brings an investment opportunity for potential investors who seek high returns and want to diversify their investment risks.

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The amazing financial records of Reliance Retail and consistent growth make it an ideal choice for budding investors to generate some potential profit from it. In Q4FY23, the company’s total revenue crossed Rs. 70,000 crore mark signifying its consistent growth and expansion. Investing in Reliance Retail is considered a safe and efficient way of earning money. However, investing in the stock market or unlisted shares requires deep market knowledge and understanding. That’s where Stockify can help you connect with our experts if you’re new to stock trading, especially pre-IPO, and want to make significant profits. We can help you understand everything about unlisted shares and make your investment hassle- and risk-free. Contact our trading specialists and begin your investment journey today!