Gynecomastia in Turkey

Approximately ten lakh cases of gynecomastia are reported in India, and more in the major countries like the USA and the UK. The condition is recognized as a frequently occurring one, if not common among men. In this, men experience prominent swelling in the breast region. Due to hormonal imbalance, the breast tissues swell considerably in men giving a physically uncommon or odd appearance. Where some of the men remain unbothered by it, most prefer to get it surgically or medically corrected. Though there are medications for treating the condition, surgical correction still remains one of the easiest alternatives for the same. Treating gynecomastia becomes necessary when the condition progresses to nipple discharge from either or both the breasts and the candidate experiences pain and unappreciated tenderness. On the positive side, gynecomastia is not common among young men but senior citizens mostly. Thus, corrective surgery procedures have been developed to relieve the affected of the condition. Like some of the countries offering lucrative packages, gynecomastia in Turkey has gained popularity due to its high success rate.

  1. Introduction

Gynecomastia is caused due to imbalances occurring in the estrogen and testosterone levels in young boys and men. This causes several abnormalities inside the breast tissues in men. The primary symptom for the same is enlargement of the breast tissues. In some men, discharge from either or both nipple is observed. The coloration of the discharge also indicates any kind of underlying anomaly that may crop up inside the candidate. The condition is easily diagnosed and, in most cases do not need any confirmatory tests except hormonal monitoring. Treatment, if done at the right time, may lead to complete curing of the condition without harm.

  1. About The Procedure 

Gynecomastia is a condition which is known to get resolved with medication or on its own after a certain period of time. However, in other cases, surgical operations need to be performed. Thus, the processes involved for curing gynecomastia are liposuction and mastectomy. The former is performed to remove the excess fat that is being accumulated inside the breast tissues. This causes the chest to flatten out leaving no visible trace of the occurrence of the symptom. The latter, mastectomy, is performed in case the breast tissue gland needs to be surgically removed completely. In this case, the procedure nullifies the chances of any future occurrence of the disease.

  1. Details of the Cost 

The cost of the procedure depends on the type of treatment involved. The expense may be determined by the procedure that is being performed either individually or together. In rare cases, the candidate may have to undergo liposuction and mastectomy together to get relieved of both the symptom and the root cause of the disease. Liposuction may cost an average of $4000, however, mastectomy is costlier and may cost around $10,000 approximately. The expense may be affected depending on the extent of procedures required.

  1. Telemedicine As A Service

Availing telemedicine has become one of the most feasible options for consulting doctors. For gynecomastia, considering second opinion for medication or surgical procedure, candidates may require telemedicine services to concise long distances between himself and the doctor. For this, all the necessary steps that needs to be followed are available on the website. All that the candidate needs to do is visit the website, select the doctor, get registered and book the appointment. The procedures vary from clinic to clinic and the candidate needs to comply with the same. In case the candidate needs to visit the doctor in future, necessary medications until the visitation are suggested to keep the condition in check.